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For Auto Glass Repair in Markham, Contact Trident. Whether your windshield is chipped or cracked, there is no need to stress out! For auto glass repair in Markham, you can count on experts from Trident. Day or night, Trident Cheap Auto Glass offers premium quality repairs and superb customer service. With Markham being only one of the many cities that we serve throughout the GTA, we can even come to your location at a time that’s most convenient for you with our mobile windshield repair service.

If you get into an accident, get a rock chip, or damage your vehicle’s glass in any other way, be sure to contact Trident for immediate repair of your auto glass. Damaged windshield is not a minor inconvenience – it is a real danger for you and other people on the road.

What is the Process for Cheap Auto Glass Repair in Markham?
Whether your windshield is shattered or cracked, the auto glass experts from Trident will assess the situation and recommend the service that suits your needs best – either auto glass repair or replacement. Our professionals are highly competent and make sure every customer receives top-notch service, from the first damage inspection to the final installation:

We take care of any kind of cracks and chips:
Whenever possible, we choose Cheap auto glass repair in Markham over any replacement
If required, we do replace windshields We deal with your insurance company ourselves
up to 100% insurance deductibles are covered by us We offer competitive prices for all the services For any installation, you receive a Lifetime Warranty.
How Much Does it Cost for Auto Glass Repair?
The cost of auto glass repairs depends directly on the scope of damage. Window glass damage doesn’t always require full replacement, but it’s best to get an inspection and assessment from a professional. At Trident Cheap Auto Glass repair, you can even get a quote online. Trident Auto Glass will recommend repairs whenever possible – this could be a valuable option when trying to avoid windshield replacement cost. For an accurate price quote, you can fill out our convenient quotation form.

Can you Stop a Windshield Crack From Spreading?
Windshield cracks can block visibility and compromise driving safety. Worse, a crack can quickly spread, causing bigger problems. Depending on the extent of the crack, there are some ways to stop the spread. The truth is, why not have an expert fix it right away.

A DIY option could stop a windshield crack from spreading, but eventually, repairs will have to be made. As well, many DIY approaches will fail in severe weather. Overall, the best approach to window glass damage is a professional assessment and proper repair. 

Technicians at Trident Cheap Auto Glass are Professional & Efficient. When possible, our skilled technicians will make every effort to repair the window damage rather than replace the entire glass. Even if complete replacement is needed, we install the best quality products.

Best Auto Glass Repair Markham

We are dedicated to providing a high quality, convenient service. Damage to your car can be stressful; our professional team will make the repair as hassle-free as possible, coming directly to your home or workplace at a time that suits you. Your certified technician can assist with repairing or replacing smashed, damaged or broken automotive glass and will have you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Same Day Service:
Our team is on call 9am to 6pm Mon-Sat and Sunday by appointment. We come to you so you don't have to leave the home or office.

Dedicated Team:

We will be out in a flash to you and repair or replace your windscreen and have you back on the road in next to no time at all.

Reliable & Cheap:

With more than 15 years in the industry, we are proud of our reputation. All of our vehicles carry the latest technology.

Insurance Work:

Insurance Work Covered, save yourself the headache just call us and we will take care of everything for you.

Mobile Auto Glass Service:

Our team is on call 6 days a week, we come to you so you don't have to be without your car, we can usually get the job done and have you ready to drive in a little over an hour, to ensure that you get the service you need without the stress.

We Specialize in:

We are specialists in replacing and repairing vehicle’s windshields. Our services are affordable and our products are genuine:
* Replacements of Front & Rear Windscreens
* All type of side Windup Windows including 1/4 glasses
* Rear Side Opera Glass
* Rear Barn Door Glass
* Chip & Crack Repairs
* Insurance Claims Direct Billing
* Competitive Pricing
* We also sell windscreen, rubber molds
* All makes and model of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, heavy transport
What makes Trident different?

Trident Auto glass distinguishes itself from traditional auto glazing businesses by offering personalized customer service and fair and competitive price. Trident Auto glass business has been established for almost 15 years, and is locally owned and operated. Our experience and service that are delivered with a commitment to quality workmanship and great results has seen our business grow over the years, enabling us to employ local people and help contribute to a community.
Best Quality - Best Service - Best Price
Knowledgeable Staffu003cbru003e
Trident Auto Glass has over 15 years of auto glass repair, windshield replacement, stone chip repair. We are dedicated to finding high-quality replacement parts for each of our customers.
Our Quality Promise
Whether you're coming in for a stone chip repair, auto glass repair, windshield repair, car window repair, We provide life warranties on all our products to ensure your peace of mind.
100% Result Guarantee
We have a great team that we have pride of & we can rely on 100%. We guarantee results every time we repair a glass. We strive to provide top notch auto glass repair services to our customers.

Our Auto Glass Replacement Process:

1. Removal of Broken Windshield
Cutting edge tools ensure the clean and precise removal of your old glass. We use the Canadian best glass removal system, taking every step to make sure your car is protected.

2. Surface Preparation
We thoroughly prepare the car surface before applying new urethane for perfect application. This stage is imperative as a poorly prepared surface can lead to leaks.

3. Urethane Bond Application
We use the top-of-the-line, manufacturers recommended Urethane to seal your new windscreen, with a no-leak guarantee.

4. Windscreen Fitting
Working with crew, glass positioning is perfected even on large vehicles. Our quality glass is a perfect match to your existing glass and meets all Canadian regulatory and safety guidelines.

5. Electronic Re-connection & Alignment
Many cars have windscreen inclusive technology such as Light Sensors, Cameras and In-Glass Digital Radio Antennas. Our technicians are experts in current technology and upon completing the fitting of glass, will reconnect all these electronics and ensure they are perfectly aligned.

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